Custom Web Development

You may wonder if you need custom web development or not. The simple answer is “probably” because everything gets modified even if we begin with a platform such as WordPress. A better question might be just how much custom development your new website will need. If we use Magento, Joomla, Drupal or WordPress it only means that there are some things already done which won’t require custom programming. Even with these powerful platforms it is still never as simple as just dropping in your logo and contact info. We may even use a design theme and we will still be doing custom design. The theme might give us options like blue, red or green buttons and we will still have plenty of control over the final layout and design by customizing everything. WordPress comes with an editor where we can change the programming code and add our own programming code. We have never had a WordPress web design project where we didn’t have to do some custom programming. The good news is that once we are done you won’t need our help to add products, photos, new pages or new sections. Everything will be easy for you to maintain from the Content Management System.

After reading the above paragraph you may wonder if we work on small projects and the answer is “YES” we work on all types of projects, large, small and everything in-between. No matter what platform we use we will be able to be sure that your new site will work as it should on all mobile devices. The thing that made “mobile web design” obsolete is the “responsive web design” which works well no matter what the viewer is using. Responsive sites work on smart phones, tablets and all computers.

wordpress web design

WordPress Web Design

Over time WordPress continues to become more popular. So many people have had an opportunity to manage a WordPress site that experience in WordPress can become a job requirement for anyone wanting to work in marketing. The marketing director today is often expected to manage the website by using the WordPress admin.

One thing that certainly added to the popularity of WordPress is that people can use it for free and a design theme is not expensive at all. There are plenty of plugin modules that can add to the functionality of a WordPress site. Many of these plugins are free and others are available for a nominal fee. If you ever wanted programming changes there are millions of competent WordPress developers worldwide.

Joomla Web Developer

Joomla can be used for the Content Management System or it can be used as an ecommerce platform. To many people it seems more complicated to administer and this is because it has more options, especially for ecommerce development. The Joomla extensions that are available save time and money because the bulk of the work is done for us once we implement an extension module.

We may make some changes and tweeks but the majority of the programming is already in the Joomla extensions. Joomla also has a worldwide following of web developers in the millions. The plugins or “extensions” that can be added on give us so many options and to increase the functions that your new website can have. There are also plenty of responsive themes which allow it to work on all tablets, computers and smart phones. Some very well known companies Joomal including General Electric, Ebay, IKEA and many others.

joomla web developer
drupal web developer

Drupal Web Developer

Drupal is not as well known and although we have experience in this platform it is not the one we typically decide to use.  There is nothing at all wrong with Drupal and they have millions of users including The White House.  It is only that we have so many options and we are custom programmers so we don’t need a ready made platform anyway.

Drupal has been used to manage everything from a simple blog to a robust ecommerce site. There is no shortage of plugin modules available either; at last count there were over 20,000 available. We also have a vast selection of design themes for all types of businesses.  Since this is an open source code there are millions of programmers worldwide who are always improving the software and adding to the functionality that it can provide.

Magento E-Commerce

Any time a client wants a very involved e-commerce site we like Magento because of the options that it has. By customizing any of the thousands of extensions we can create a very robust ecommerce site with automated functions such as label printing, return label printing, tracking info sent to buyers and more. The Magento ecommerce web development system is fully scalable and is backed by ebay and obviously they know plenty about ecommerce.

The system works well with online stores selling music, apparel, jewelery, and probablly it would work quite well with your products too. One of our favorite features is the language options.  For example if you have an online store with products being purchased by people who don’t all speak the same language Magento provides an easy solution.

magento ecommerce

For example if you wanted English and Spanish on a website at first it seems that all you have to do is translate all the product info into both languages. Then you also have all the graphic elements like the buttons that direct people to buy or add to cart or continue shopping. Magento makes changing them easy by allowing us to upload a csv file with the translations. The graphics don’t actually change the text is superimposed in-front of the buttons so that it appears that the text is on the buttons.

dreamweaver custom programming

Dreamweaver Custom Programming

For many custom web developers Dreamweaver was the first custom programming software they ever used. In the beginning we used Notepad before Dreamweaver was invented. With this software program we create the code on our computer and upload it to the web server. As a custom development tool the design is 100% up to us.

We have graphic artists who will use other programs to custom make the design. We are able to use Dreamweaver just as we did with Notepad or switch to What You See Is What You Get mode. Since we are custom programmers we are normally switching back and forth between both views.

The best way to figure out which option is best for you is to meet with us and we will discuss what you want your website to do. We will decide which platform will help us to create the beautiful new website you want in the fastest, least expensive way.