Web Design Services

We offer all types of web design services from the most basic to the most robust custom programming:

  • Basic Web Design or Simple Web Design
  • Custom Ecommerce Web Development or E-commerce Web Programming
  • CMS or Content Management System
  • Responsive Web Design or Mobile Web Design
  • Advanced Database Programming or Robust Web Development
  • Templated Affordable Ecommerce Web Design

Sometimes people will tell us that that are looking for a simple ecommerce site. Whenever we are doing anything with ecommerce web development it isn’t simple. This type of site would require a content management system and integration of a merchant account and gateway to process credit card transactions. There can also be many other features and functions that can dramatically raise the cost of fully customized ecommerce websites. Recently we began to offer affordable ecommerce web design by using a template which we basically copy and paste each time we sell another ecommerce website. A basic or simple web design would be the type that doesn’t have a Content Management System or CMS. For the past several years none of our clients have wanted a basic website anymore. Today everyone wants to be able to change the pictures and text and add more pages whenever they like.

Today we have so many affordable ways to make a CMS website that there is no reason to do a basic site using static html pages. In fact the static pages all have to be custom programmed one by one. What that means is that the old style, basic site is actually going to take longer (cost more) than the more advanced website with a content management system. We the CMS web design once we build it you only have to click a Page Add button and you can add as many additional pages as you like; without any new programming.

Jewelry Web Design

Ecommerce Web Design Services

An ecommerce or e-commerce web design is one has some type of shopping cart system. All ecommerce sites also have a Content Management System to allow new products to be added and to allow prices to be changed. Often people ask us, “What will an ecommerce website cost to develop?” and the answer depends upon the options. Just as there is no one car that everyone wants there is no one ecommerce website that would suit the needs of every client we have. We can custom program all types of options such as inventory management, shipping functions, label printing and more. Sometimes it is better to use a web development platform such as Magento Ecommerce which comes with a lot of options which may minimize the custom programming and development time required. Now we have also developed a way to get affordable ecommerce websites

With a Content Management System you can keep your website current by adding info to a blog, changing pictures on pages or adding new pages and even by adding entire new sections. The only problem is that not all CMS sites are created equal. We have had some clients come to us after paying for a new website (with someone else) and then paying for training classes on how to use the CMS. They end up frustrated and annoyed because it isn’t user friendly, it is complicated and they don’t feel like learning something new when they are trying to run their business. We build easy to use Content Management Systems so that if you know how to type an email then you have all the skills required to operate our CMS. Depending upon the needs of our client we may be able to use a simple WordPress site which comes with a CMS.

There was a time when we thought we were so state of the art because we has a laptop computer instead of a desktop computer. Today even our laptops have been replaced by tablets and smart phones. We used to think that only kids used smart phones to go online and although there may have been some truth to that it is far from accurate today. Estimates are that over 60% of all online searches are being done on tablets and smart phones. It is the desktop and laptop computers that are doing the smaller portion of the searches. Having a mobile ready website is no longer optional. The good news is that today you don’t need to buy a second, separate website that is mobile friendly. We are designing all of our new ecommerce and CMS websites to be responsive so that they will automatically detect the device being used and reshape themselves to fit that device.

Mobile Web Design

With advanced and very robust programming techniques we are able to create any online application that you may need. There is no project too difficult for us; we have been working as custom web developers since 1995.